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Why Do You Need Rain Gutters?
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Gutter Helmet Customers Say It Best

Gutter Helmet was developed in the 1960s by a young MIT graduate engineer, Bob Demartini, who believed there was a better alternative to the flimsy and ineffective gutter screens then in use. Eventually, he created and patented the exclusive "nose forward" design which made other gutter protection systems obsolete. Today, as then, Gutter Helmet products are proudly made in the USA. In 2005, Gutter Helmet became part of SEMCO, a division of Gibraltar Industries, a multi-billion dollar building industries company.

Leading Television Star Dean Johnson Says Gutter Helmet Is the "Best Gutter System."

Dean Johnson, whose Hometime show on public television stations provides home improvement advice to millions of listeners, has endorsed Gutter Helmet as the best gutter protection system available today. He says, "If you never want to clean your gutters again, get Gutter Helmet." Gutter Helmet reviews show that millions of homeowners warmly endorse Gutter Helmet as the proven way to have clog-free, clean gutters.

"The Harder It Rains, the Better It Works"

This is just one of the many compliments that we have received about the performance of Gutter Helmet in protecting homes from the damage that can result from clogged guttersódamage such as water backing up into the eaves and soffit, or dumping torrents onto expensive shrubs and bushes. So don't just take our word for Gutter Helmet as the best gutter system, take a few minutes to listen to the customer videos available here. Then call us for a free gutter protection quote, without any obligation.